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Issue 115-2 Jun 2019

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Plant Production
First success of black truffle cultivation in western Iberian Peninsula and its potential for expansion
S. Sánchez, S. Sánchez y J. Sánchez

Effect of growth bioregulators on physicochemical quality indicators in tomato fruits grown in greenhouse
R. Cano‑Hernández, M.T. Martínez‑Damián, E.C. Moreno‑Pérez, F. Sánchez‑del Castillo, O. Cruz‑Álvarez y M.J. Rodríguez‑Roque

Animal Production
Productive and economic characterization of dual‑purpose cattle in three tropical regions of Mexico
Y. Bautista‑Martínez, J.G. Herrera‑Haro, J.A. Espinosa‑García, F.E. Martínez‑Castañeda, H. Vaquera‑Huerta, A. Morales y G. Aguirre‑Guzmán

Influence of ageing and cooking method on sensory evaluation and aromatic compounds profile of meat from Retinta breed crossbreeding
B. Panea, G. Ripoll, K. Insausti, M.J. Beriain, C. Sañudo y P. Albertí

Collagen solubility and beef meat texture under vacuum‑cooking: effect of cooking temperature and ageing time
B. Panea y G. Ripoll

Agricultural Economics
Estimation of the economic impact of Xylella fastidiosa in Aragón
Y. Martínez y A. Palacio‑Bielsa



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