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Evaluation of the biofertilizer potential of five species of Trichoderma in the production of native ear corn and hybrid under field conditions

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Authors: J.A. Vázquez‑Martínez, J.C. González‑Cárdenas, R. Chiquito‑Contreras, W. Sangabriel‑Conde y G. Alvarado‑Castillo
Issue: 115-3 (213-218)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: Corn production, biofertilization, bioinoculation, native seed

Maize is important product for human food, animal and as a raw material for the industry. Its cultivation requires high fertilizer application, reducing its profitability and increasing environmental problems. Our aim was to determine the effect of Trichoderma on the productivity of ear corn (native and hybrid) under field conditions. Both types of seeds were inoculated by immersion for one hour, with five species of Trichoderma, each at a concentration of 1x107 spores mL-1. These treatments were also compared to moderate fertilization (120‑120‑170 kg N‑P2O5‑K2O ha-1) and a control (without fertilizer). Significant differences were found between seed types (native maize = 12,660 kg ha-1 and hybrid = 10,167 kg ha-1), but there was no response in the hybrid between treatments and its interactions, possibly due to the requirement of inputs. However, native maize presented significant response for four strains of Trichoderma with yields higher than the obtained by native maize in other studies under similar environmental conditions, suggesting that this fungus presents potential as biofertilizer, particularly for native corn.


Vázquez‑Martínez JA, González‑Cárdenas JC, Chiquito‑Contreras R, Sangabriel‑Conde W, Alvarado‑Castillo G (2019). Nota técnica: Evaluación del potencial biofertilizante de cinco especies de Trichoderma en la producción de maíz elotero nativo e híbrido bajo condiciones de campo. ITEA‑Información Técnica Económica Agraria 115(3): 213‑218.

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