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Issue 114-2 Jun 2018

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Plant Production
Evolution of the pungency of onion (Allium cepa L.) and pepper (Capsicum spp.) from its origin to the current nutraceutical potential
O. Fayos, C. Mallor y A. Garcés‑Claver
Hybridization between different types of chilis and estimation of heterosis for yield and fruit quality
L.R. Luna‑García, V. Robledo‑Torres, M.E. Vásquez‑Badillo, F. Ramírez‑Godina y R. Mendoza‑Villarreal
Animal Production
Body surface area in fattening cattle is more correlated to body length than to body weight
P. M. Parés‑Casanova
Mating decision support in animal populations with incomplete pedigree
L. Alfonso
Agricultural Economics
Analysis of heterogeneity in the demand for public goods provided by mountain olive groves in Andalusia
R. Granado‑Díaz, A.J. Villanueva, J.A. Gómez‑Limón y M. Rodríguez‑Entrena
Territorial short food supply chains: conceptualization and characterization for the case of Córdoba, Spain
L. Reina‑Usuga, T. De‑Haro y C. Parra‑López