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Issue 113-2 Jun 2017

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Plant Production
Effects of Rhizobium inoculation and sowing date on yield and nutritive value of sainfoin in Asturias (Spain)
J.A. Oliveira, P. Palencia, E. Afif, I. Delgado y F. Temprano
Animal Production
The effect of the conversion to organic farming on quantitative and qualitative parameters of sheep milk
C. Palacios, F. de la Fuente y J.A. Abecia
Replacing soybean for winter peas in heavy‑pig diets: productive impact of the level of protease inhibitors
E. Gómez-Izquierdo, E. de Mercado, J. Gómez-Fernández, C. Tomás, E. Guillamón, A. Varela, M. Muzquiz, M.M. Pedrosa, P. López-Nuez y M.A. Latorre
Genetic evaluation of calving ease in Parda de Montaña beef breed based on linear and threshold models
X. Cortés-Lacruz, R. Revilla, I. Casasús, A. Sanz, J. Ferrer, P. Banzo y D. Villalba
Agricultural Economics
Willingness to innovate and competitiveness in the Extremaduran agri‑food industry
B. Corchuelo y F.J. Mesías
Impact of sensory experience and information on consumer preferences for enriched beef with omega‑3 and conjugated linoleic acid in three Spanish cities
Y. Baba, C.E. Realini, Z. Kallas, M. Pérez-Juan, C. Sañudo, P. Albertí y K. Insausti