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Issue 113-3 Sep 2017

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50th anniversary of AIDA. See Editorial

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Plant Production
Preliminary nutrient norms for a native cultivar of Capsicum annuum on the basis of the compositional nutrient diagnosis approach
J.L. Ríos‑Plaza, R.D. Valdez‑Cepeda, C. Vázquez‑Vázquez, I. Orona‑Castillo, M.A. Gallegos‑Robles, J.A. Ramírez‑Ibarra y J.L. García‑Hernández
Animal Production
Causal agents of cattle poisoning deaths in Spain
R. García-Arroyo, A. Quiles, M.L. Hevia y M.P. Míguez
Determination of indices of similarity between "Catalan" and other Iberian goat breeds
P. M. Parés‑Casanova
Subclinical endometritis in dairy cattle: etiopathogenesis and diagnosis. Review
L.A. Quintela, M. Vigo, J.J. Becerra, M. Barrio, A.I. Peña y P.G. Herradón
Agricultural Economics
The role of beef brands for consumers. A cross‑regional analysis
H. Resano y A.I. Sanjuán
The Eco‑Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) environmental certification and its impact on agricultural companies? financial performance.
J.A. Cavero‑Rubio y A. Amorós‑Martínez