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Issue 113-4 Dec 2017

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Plant Production
Trichoderma spp. biopreparates for the biological control of Phytophthora capsici in the tomato crop of Puebla, Mexico
O. Romero‑Arenas, J.L. Amaro, M.A. Damián, M.A. Valencia de Ita, A. Rivera y M. Huerta
Flavonoid type soluble phenolics and antioxidant capacity in creole pigmented maize (Zea mays) genotypes
V.L. Quintanilla‑Rosales, K. Galindo‑Luna, F. Zavala‑García, J.A. Pedroza‑Flores, J.B. Heredia, V. Urías‑Orona, M.D. Muy‑Rangel y G. Niño‑Medina
Animal Production
Characterization of feeding models used on dairy farms in Asturias (Spain): influence on milk performance
C. Santiago, F. Vicente, J.D. Jiménez‑Calderón, A. Soldado y A. Martínez‑Fernández
Reproductive state of dairy cow sector in the Principality of Asturias (Spain)
J.D. Jiménez‑Calderón, F. Vicente, A. Carballal y A. Martínez‑Fernández
Effect of forage type and the inclusion of quebracho in the diet of lactating ewes on their performances
S. Lobón, A. Sanz, M. Blanco y M. Joy
Agricultural Economics
Emotional abilities or Cognitive abilities? The role of emotional intelligence in food purchase decisions with nutritional claims
B. López‑Galán y T. de‑Magistris