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Articles in Press

In this section, you will find articles, technical notes and bibliographic reviews that have been accepted for publication in the Journal ITEA-Información Técnica Económica Agraria, which have not yet been assigned to a specific volume. Articles in press are citable, providing they have a DOI associated ( There may be differences between the press version and the final one due to the correction and layout process. Ver Versión Española

A review of the ovarian synchronization programs based on the use of gonadotrophin releasing hormone and prostaglandin F2α for dairy and beef heifers
A. Sanz, K. Macmillan y M.G. Colazo

Sustainable intensification of tropical cattle raising based on local resources: environmental mitigation alternative for Latin America. Review
R.I. Parra‑Cortés, M.A. Magaña‑Magaña y A.T. Piñeiro‑Vázquez

Empirical models of weed‑crop competition. Review
D.A. Jamaica‑Tenjo y J.L. González‑Andújar

Growing parameters and carcass characteristics of Holstein‑Friesian steers slaughtered at different ages
S. Crecente, C. Calvo, M. López, N. Díaz, D. Díaz y T. Moreno

Characterization of drought‑adaptive response of two peach cultivars in arid conditions
B. Bielsa, J. García‑Brunton, M.A. Sanz y M.J. Rubio‑Cabetas

Evaluation of the artificial rearing of lactating calves, with two types of starter feed
S. Pared, G. Bilbao, S. Gatius, P.I. Alvarado y R.A. Rubio

Review of the lidia cattle feeding and characterization of the main problems associated to the bull fattening at present
J.M. Lomillos y M.E. Alonso

Selection of a Trichogramma species (Hym., Trichogrammatidae) for the biological control of the potato moth Phthorimaea operculella (Lep., Gelechiidae) by host-parasitism behavioral study
J.R. Gallego, L. Mellado‑López y T. Cabello

Effect of rhizobacteria and reduced doses of synthetic fertilizers on the morpho‑productive expression of tomato in greenhouse
R.G. Chiquito‑Contreras, J.J. Reyes‑Pérez, C.J. Chiquito‑Contreras, L. Vidal‑Hernández y L.G. Hernández‑Montiel


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