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Economic profitability in the Urgell Canals (Lleida, Spain) irrigation area

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Authors: M.M. Clop, Ll. Cots, M. Esteban, J.D. Barragán
Issue: 105-1 (36-48)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: Economic efficiency, Irrigation water, Irrigation area, Alfalfa and annual crops, Fruit trees.

Economic profitability in the Urgell Canals (Lleida, Spain) irrigation area Results for physical and economic efficiency indicators of water management are presented in this paper for the Urgell Canals irrigated area (Lleida). Costs, incomes, gross margins and profits were studied for the surface irrigated main crops: wheat, corn, alfalfa, apple var. Golden, pear var. Conference and pear var. Blanquilla. 24 farmers’ surveys provided the data. Results show that fruit trees present higher physical efficiency values, between 1.9 and 6.6 kg/m3 of applied water, compared to alfalfa and annual crops, with values between 0.7 and 1.8 kg/m3. Economic efficiency indicators are higher for fruit trees as well, between 0.4 and 1.7 €/m3, compared to 0.06 – 0.20 €/m3 for alfalfa and annual crops, for the Gross margin / applied water ratio, and between 0.3 and 1.3 €/m3 for the Profit / applied water ratio in fruit trees, compared to 0.04 – 0.16 for the alfalfa and annual crops.

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