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Issue 115-1 Mar 2019

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Plant Production
Strains of bacteria isolated from sporomes of ectomycorrhizal fungi promote plant growth
D.Y. Pineda‑Mendoza, J.J. Almaraz, M.E. Lara‑Hernandez, R. Arteaga‑Garibay y H.V. Silva‑Rojas

Evaluation of endomycorrhizae and Azospirillum sp. in agronomic characteristics and nutraceutical quality of chilli pepper (Capsicum annuum) in greenhouse
E.A. Pérez‑Velasco, R. Mendoza‑Villarreal, A. Sandoval‑Rangel, M. Cabrera‑de la Fuente, V. Robledo‑Torres y L.A. Valdez‑Aguilar

Animal Production
Geographic Information Systems detection of problematic areas of intensive livestock farming for non‑compliance with the regulations in force: the case of the Valencian Community
C. Calafat‑Marzal, A. Gallego‑Salguero e I. Quintanilla‑García

Effect of zootechnical factors on first lactation milk yield of Friesian cows from N.W. Spain
M.J. Sánchez, R. Fouz, E. Yus, F. Camino y F.J. Diéguez

Agricultural Economics
Structural, productive and financial characterization of farms run by young farmers
M. Castillo‑Quero y M.D. Guerrero‑Baena

Socio‑ergonomic analysis in agriculture. Evaluation of the oleic sector from a gender and aging perspective
V. Zorrilla‑Muñoz, M.S. Agulló‑Tomás y T. García‑Sedano



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