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Issue 117-2 Mar 2021

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Plant Production
Porous materials as viability support of Beauveria bassiana for the biocontrol of Sphenarium purpurascens in vitro
Antonio Rivera‑Tapia, Luis Josué Amaro‑Leal, M. Ángeles Valencia‑de Ita, Conrado Parraguirre‑Lezama, Dora M. Sangerman‑Jarquín y Omar Romero‑Arenas

Animal Production
Welfare and performance results in meat rabbits during their lactation and fattening. A review
Marina López, Concha Cervera y Juan José Pascual

Hematological and biochemical parameters in feedlot heifers under heat stress: Effect of shade area and genotype
José Antonio Aguilar‑Quiñonez, Juan Eulogio Guerra‑Liera, Leonel Avendaño‑Reyes, Ulises Macías‑Cruz, Abelardo Correa‑Calderón, Rubén Barajas‑Cruz, Miguel Ángel Gastelum‑Delgado, Miguel Mellado y Arnulfo Vicente‑Pérez

Instrumental quality of suckling kid meat. A review
Guillermo Ripoll, María Jesús Alcalde y Begoña Panea

Comparison of the conventional and robotic milking system for the parameters of composition and quality of milk, in grazing system
Juan Pablo Avilez, Pía Meyer y Jorge Luis Meyer

Relationship between the weight at birth of piglets from hyperprolific sows and the productive and economic parameters in grow‑finisher pigs
Sara Crespo y Joaquín Gadea

Agricultural Economics
Structrural tipyfication and profitability of sheep meat farms
Louiza Chekmam, María Tereza Maza y Luis Pardos



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