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Issue 115-3 Sep 2019

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Plant Production
Predictive models of maturity index of organic fertilizers produced with three transformation processes
R. Sánchez‑Rosales, O.A. Hernández-Rodríguez, J.A. Jiménez‑Castro, D.L. Ojeda‑Barrios, V.M. Guerrero‑Prieto y R.A. Parra‑Quezada

Evaluation of the biofertilizer potential of five species of Trichoderma in the production of native ear corn and hybrid under field conditions
J.A. Vázquez‑Martínez, J.C. González‑Cárdenas, R. Chiquito‑Contreras, W. Sangabriel‑Conde y G. Alvarado‑Castillo

Animal Production
Relationship of rectal temperature and respiratory frequency with hair coat temperatures obtained by thermography in heat‑stressed pregnant ewes
R. Vicente‑Pérez, U. Macías‑Cruz, L. Avendaño‑Reyes, A. Correa‑Calderón, C. Luna‑Palomera y A.J. Chay‑Canul

Conversion to A2 milk production with regard to a possible market demand for dairy farms: possibilities and implications
L. Alfonso, O. Urrutia y J.A. Mendizabal

Agricultural Economics
Spanish consumers' behaviour and the determining factors of their willingness to pay for organic olive oil
A. Yangui, J.M. Gil y M. Costa‑Font

Intermediaries characterization in the Mexican peach market
B. Sánchez‑Toledano, J.A. Zegbe, V. Cuevas‑Reyes, D. Camarena‑Gómez y M. López‑Santiago



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