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Some commercial strategies carried out for Castilla-La Mancha Organic Wines

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Authors: R. Bernabéu, M. Díaz, R. Olivas
Issue: 105-1 (49-60)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: Conjoint Analysis, Consumer behaviour, Organic wine, Agro-food marketing, Castilla-La Mancha.

Quality wines produced in Castilla-La Mancha are difficult to commercialise in the national ambit due to increasing competition among wineries, as well as the decrease in wine consumption. To increase competitiveness, consumer preferences must be discovered. Therefore, 292 surveys were made on wine consumers in the Madrid metropolitan area in December, 2006. Three consumer segments were detected through the conjoint analysis technique. The first segment particularly values a low price wine. The second one looks for aged wines (vintage or reserve) and the third, their origin. Organic wine was positively valued in all cases. In this sense, a possible differentiation strategy for Castilla-La Mancha wineries would be to offer organic wine adapted to consumers from the first segment and a superior range wine for consumers from the third segment on the Madrid market. A complementary strategy to this, to be carried out by the Castilla-La Mancha local government, would be the creation of Castilla-La Mancha Organic Wines in a similar way as Wines from the Lands of Castilla.

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