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Use of bovine manure for ex situ bioremediation of diesel contaminated soils in Mexico

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Authors: F. Manzano Agugliaro, Q.C. Hernández Escobedo y A. Zapata Sierra
Issue: 106-3 (197-207)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: Bioremediation, Model, Bovine Manure

In the present paper analyzes the experience of the use of the bovine manure at the decontamination of a contaminated soil by diesel (1,4% of the weight) in San Luis Potosí (México). The purpose of a simple methodology allows the application of ex situ bioremediation of soils contaminated with diesel. The initial soil characterization’s of HTP (Total Petroleum hydrocarbons) and diesel concretely can determinate the initial manure and residual water to be added. The technique of excavation and soil placement biopile gave excellent results in the process of bioremediation, and deposited in the soil to biopile was watering with non-potable and bovine manure can be modelled mathematically and this estimated that we need 183 days for the 99.8% of diesel degraded soil.

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