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Assessment of a microsatellite marker set for parentage testing in six Spanish goat breeds

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Authors: P.J. Azor, M. Luque, M. Valera, M. Herrera, A. Membrillo, E. Rodero, A. Molina
Issue: 102-2 (145-151)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: paternity testing, exclusion probabilities, microsatellites, C. hircus

We have analysed 20 microsatellite markers on six Spanish goat populations bred for meat production. Nine loci were selected for parentage testing due to technical reasons. Polymorphic Informative Content (PIC) and parentage exclusion probabilities per marker and for the whole marker set were computed on allele frequencies from a total of 180 unrelated individuals (30 per breed) belonging to six Spanish goat breeds: Moncaína, Blanca Andaluza, Negra Serrana, Blanca Celtibérica, Pirenaica and Azpi Gorri. The nine markers selected were informative. In order to quantify the usefulness of the microsatellite set for parentage testing, we calculated exclusion probabilities for the two most likely scenarios: a) combined probability of exclusion of a parent when the other is known; and b) combined probability of exclusion when both parent are known and one of them is false. The exclusion probability for the scenario a) varied from 96.4 % (Moncaína breed) to 98,9 % (Blanca Celtibérica breed); the exclusion probabilities for the scenario b) were always higher than 99%.

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