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Characterization of cattle farms of Riaño Mountain (León)

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Authors: E. Serrano, A.I. Cerdeño, P. Lavín, F.J. Giráldez, Á. Ruiz-Mantecón
Issue: 101-1 (3-24)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: farming system, productive orientation

In this research paper, 35 cattle farms located in Riaño Mountain (province of León) were studied from the point of view of the farming system analysis. The information used in the study was obtained by means of a direct monthly survey carried out during 1998. The farms were classified into three groups, according to productive orientation (Mixed, Dairy-Beef, Beef) and the groups were compared by means of a variance analysis. The variables considered referred to human and animal resources and to technical, economic, productive and structural chracaracteristics of the farms.

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