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Technological-functional and architectural analysis of the cordovan oil mills in the Modern Age

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Authors: M.Y. López, F. Montes, E. Burgos y A. Moreno
Issue: 108-3 (312-342)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: Olive oil, agricultural-food heritage, industrial archaeology, computer-aided design, Molino del Toro, Montilla.

The present research will immerse us in the past of the cordovan oil mills, concretely in those that used the beam and quintal press, tower press or turret press as essential mechanism to extract the virgin juice of the olives crushed in the millstone. These presses had dimensions that influenced from the final design of the industrial building where they were located and a power of operation defined by their respective towers: mobiles (dinamycs) or counterweight (statics). Firstly, it will be analyzed the traditional manufacture of the olive oil during the Modern Age, continuing then with the main architectural characteristics of the cordovan oil mills that lodged such facilities. Finally, and applied to everything previous, it will be realized a study in detail of the “Molino del Toro”, an agrarian construction of the eighteenth century made in Montilla under the influence of the Priego´s powerful marquisate. There existed a great oil mill formed by three beam and quintal presses with their respective counterweight towers, the last designed to counteract the push of the beams during the pressing.

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