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Positioning of packaging in the market for extra virgin olive oil: an exploratory study

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Authors: M. Parras-Rosa, M. Vega-Zamora, F.J. Torres-Ruiz, E.M. Murgado-Armenteros y M. Gutiérrez-Salcedo
Issue: 109-1 (107-123)
Topic: Agricultural Economics
Keywords: Consumer behaviour, extra virgin olive oil, olive oils marketing, packaging.

Packaging plays a key role in the preservation of the properties of olive oils as they are products whose quality deteriorates, especially with the exposure to high temperatures, air and light. But also the packaging is important because it is an element of commercial communication and creates value for consumers. In this sense, this paper examines the packaging of olive oils from a commercial perspective, analyzing the positioning of different packages and exploring different attributes that, in opinion of consumers, must be present in a package for extra virgin olive oil. This information is key for the development of trade policies. To do this, an experiment, in which different packages and an extra virgin olive oil have been manipulated, has been designed. The results show that the four containers examined (tetra-pack, ceramics, transparent glass and opaque glass) have a good image for usual olive oil consumers, therefore these are recognized as suitable for packaging. Nevertheless, the package of opaque glass is the closest to the "ideal package". These results confirm that there is no total convergence between the objective or technical quality and the subjective quality or perceived by the consumer.

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