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Estimation of economic value for calving ease in Basque Hostein population

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Authors: E. López de Maturana, E. Ugarte, H. Komen, J.A.M. van Arendonk
Issue: 102-2 (222-230)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: Calving ease, Economic value, Sensitivity analysis

The objective of this study was the estimation of the economic value for CE in Basque Holstein population. To estimate the economic costs for each level of CE the following factors were considered: veterinary fees, labor of the farmer, a reduction of fertility, level of involuntary culling, mortality in cows and level of stillbirth. These costs were integrated in a bioeconomic model, considering Basque production and market circumstances of 2005. Due to CE is a categorical trait, the economic value was derived using an underlying continuous scale. Considering the base situation (2.5 % of dystocia), economic value for CE was -13.25 € per liability unit on the underlying standard normal scale, per cow and per calving interval. Consequences of possible changes in market prices of animals and in the incidence of dystocia were analyzed in this study as well. The sensitivity of the economic value is higher to changes of the proportion of dystocia than to changes of market prices. Sensitivity analysis of economic value for CE to changes in price of animals and in incidence of dystocia showed that economic value for CE was quite robust.

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