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Impact of the crisis period on the coop-wineries: performance and strategies in Castilla La Mancha

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Authors: J.S. Castillo-Valero, K. Simon-Elorz y M.C. García-Cortijo
Issue: 111-2 (174-195)
Topic: Agricultural Economics
Keywords: Coop-wineries, performance, crisis period, strategies

The aim of this paper is to study the performance, strategies and adaptability of the coop-wineries in Castilla-La-Mancha between the periods of growth economic (2002-2006) and the crisis (2007-2011). We have defined a Panel Model to analyze the impact on the economic performance the different managerial decisions (environmental, commercial and financial). Also we have considered the effect of public performance of amounts from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development 2007-2013, on the modernization of investments and the results for the coop-wineries. The results show that the cooperative sector Wine Castilla-La Mancha has displayed its robustness and resilience in the current economic and financial crisis. The cooperatives have been better and more consistently adapted to the new situation, showing social viability and economics as idiosyncratic business model.

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