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Socio-economic and emotional determinants in the consumption of new food. A pilot study

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Authors: Ramo Barrena, Teresa García, Natalia López-Mosquera
Issue: 112-1 (88-103)
Topic: Agricultural Economics
Keywords: Innovativeness, Emotions, Structural Equation Models, Novel foods

Despite the efforts made by the firms, food innovations have a high failure rate, owing to a fault of understanding of the consumer. Hence, the success of the new alimentary product in the market is based on a better orientation to the market. Traditionally, the adoption of new products has been related to the socioeconomic characteristics of the consumers, however more recent works have shown the importance of ?innovativeness? or the consumer?s innovative tendency like a positive factor the adoption of the innovations and, even more, the acceptation of the new products is related with the emotions felt in the moment of consumption. The aim of this paper is analyze in which way the consumers? innovative tendency determine the consumption of the new aliments, as well as in which way the emotions help improving the prediction of the new aliments consume. Structural Equation Models have been used to check the casual relations, coming to the conclusion that the educative level and the perception of positive emotions influence positively in the innovator character of the consumers and that determines significantly the frequency of the coffee capsules consume.

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