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Analyzing resilience factors in rural territories of Andalusia through techniques of Analytical Network Process (ANP)

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Authors: P. Sánchez-Zamora, R. Gallardo-Cobos, F. Ceña-Delgado
Issue: 113-1 (68-89)
Topic: Agricultural Economics
Keywords: Rural territories, economic crisis, territorial resilience, Analytical Network Process (ANP), agricultural and rural policies

The economic crisis is one of the main elements that have determined the existence of different territorial dynamics in the Andalusian rural areas. To understand the current processes of change in these rural areas, it is appropriate to use the conceptual framework of territorial resilience. This paper analyzes the capacity of influence that factors associated with territorial dynamics have on the Andalusian rural counties resilience. To this end, a methodology for assessing these factors through multicriteria decision techniques -Analytical Network Process (ANP)- based on the opinions exposed by experts. The results show that factors such as Training and Access to ICT, Aid for rural development, Youth farmers and agricultural dynamism, and Agriculture and CAP aids contribute to territorial resilience. These could be taken into account in the public policies design allowing rural territories to better respond to economic pressure.

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