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Impact of sensory experience and information on consumer preferences for enriched beef with omega‑3 and conjugated linoleic acid in three Spanish cities

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Authors: Y. Baba, C.E. Realini, Z. Kallas, M. Pérez-Juan, C. Sañudo, P. Albertí y K. Insausti
Issue: 113-2 (192-210)
Topic: Agricultural Economics
Keywords: consumer preferences, choice experiment, generalized logit model (G-MNL), n‑3, CLA

This study evaluates the impact of information about the health benefits of enriched meat with omega‑3 (n‑3) fatty acids and conjugated linolenic acid (CLA) and the sensory experience on the relative importance of beef attributes (animal diet, level of fatness, price, origin, color), in Barcelona, Zaragoza and Pamplona (n=647 consumers). A choice experiment analyzed with the Generalized Multinomial Model was applied before and after consumer evaluation of the acceptability of enriched beef. The most important attributes before receiving information and sensory experience were the level of fatness and price. In addition, color was relevant in Barcelona and Pamplona and origin in Zaragoza and Pamplona. After receiving information and sensory experience, price and animal diet were the most important attributes. The lowest prices were selected in Zaragoza and the medium‑low prices in Pamplona and Barcelona, while n‑3 enriched beef was chosen against CLA enriched meat or conventional beef. Consumers from Pamplona were the least influenced by information, but the most influenced by sensory experience. Results would allow developing different local marketing strategies for enriched meat with n‑3 fatty acids based on the exploitation of different attributes.

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