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Determination of indices of similarity between "Catalan" and other Iberian goat breeds

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Authors: P. M. Parés‑Casanova
Issue: 113-3 (244-249)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: Caprine, conservation, ethnology, morphology, autochthonous breeds, zoogenetic resources

With the aim to know the position of "Catalan goat" among Spanish caprines, its relationships with other 8 breeds ‑Spanish Alpine, Blanca Andaluza, Negra Serrana, Mesetas, Murciano‑Granadina, Malagueña, Pyrenean and Blanca de Rasquera‑ were studied and for this purpose, 9 morphological traits were quantitatively analysed. Distance among breeds (morphological index of distance) presented an average value of 20.87 ± 9.86, with extreme values of 46.64 between Negra Serrana and Alpine breeds, to 4.79 between Negra Serrana and Blanca Andaluza. The obtained dendrogram showed a quite logical structure considering each breed origin. Catalan breed appeared close to 3 Blanca de Rasquera ecotypes, although both were well differentiated by their distances, so it can be concluded that Catalana is not a mere Rasquera ecotype.

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