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The role of beef brands for consumers. A cross‑regional analysis

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Authors: H. Resano y A.I. Sanjuán
Issue: 113-3 (267-286)
Topic: Agricultural Economics
Keywords: Cluster analysis, brands, beef, consumers

Beef has been traditionally sold as an unbranded product. Nevertheless, the use of a brand would help to differentiate the product and achieve a higher degree of loyalty among consumers. The paper investigates the level of recognition and purchase of different types of branded beef, and relates that with quality perceptions and consumer traits. A better understanding of the role that the brand occupies in consumers' awareness and purchase decisions and its relationship with quality perceptions and personal traits may be relevant to create successful brands targeted to specific segments. Thus, a survey was carried out in two Spanish regions (Aragón and Cataluña) and two French regions (Midi‑Pyrénées and Languedoc‑Roussillon), with different beef consumption habits, between September 2010 and April 2011, obtaining a total sample of 1222 consumers. Main methods of analysis included two‑step clustering, bivariate association measures, and non‑parametric tests. Cluster analysis revealed the presence of two market segments, tentatively named 'Connoisseur and purchaser of branded beef' and 'Novice and non-purchaser of branded beef'. These segments were characterized by distinctive quality perceptions and a specific socio‑demographic and consumption habits profile. Not a common cross‑regional segment was found although some coincidences existed. This result can be especially useful for beef producers and distributors to ascertain if they should develop a different marketing policy depending on the region.

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