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Analysis of preference structure for consumers of organic food in Castilla-La Mancha

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Authors: R. Bernabéu, A. Tendero
Issue: 100A-2 (63-80)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: Organic food products, consumer behaviour, conjoint analysis

The study of consumer behaviour is relevant for those organizations and enterprises which operate in slow-growth markets. This is precisely a structural characteristic that, in general, dominates the market of the products which come from organic agriculture in Spain, which does not happen in the rest of the European Union countries, especially in Germany. A analysis of consumer behaviour is necessary and, with that objective, this work tries to identify the structure of consumer preferences with regard to organic food .To meet this objective, a survey has been carried out among food consumers at home. The results show that consumers of organic food products give preference to origin and guarantee. The former is thought to ensure quality while the latter guarantees aptness for consumption. Contrary to the results of the other studies, price was not found to be one of the two most valued attributes, probably due to past food crises that consumers fear may reoccur.

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