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Influence of the electric energy non-regulated market in the intensive aquaculture plants associated to cooling effluents

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Authors: J.C. Gutiérrez-Estrada, E. De Pedro-Sanz, R. López-Luque, I. Pulido-Calvo
Issue: 100A-2 (89-106)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: Anguilla anguilla, electric sector, power plant, thermal stress.

In this paper, the effect of the electric energy non-regulated market in the water thermal regimes variation of intensive fishfarms that use the heated water for cooling of power plants is analysed. This way, data of aneel intensive rearing system was used. In this fishfarm the heated water is drawn from the cooling effluent of the Puente Nuevo power plant (Córdoba). The results show that the non-regulated market has a significant effect on the form and amount of generated energy and the thermal regime of the cooling effluent. The temperature levels in the fishfarm depend of the water temperature of cooling effluent, being estimated the decrease of the growth index in 5%.

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