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Economical analysis and diversity in milk goat production systems irrigation area of Rio Dulce, Santiago del Estero province. Argentine

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Authors: R. Paz, H. Lipshitz, R. Álvarez, P. Usandivaras
Issue: 99A-1 (10-40)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: Goat production systems, milk goats, typology, multivariate statistical analysis, economic analysis

Milk goat systems located in the Irrigation Area of Rio Dulce, Santiago del Estero province, show a great diversity regarding the resources available, the rationale of the production system and the different actors involved. The aim of this work is to present the first three steps of the research process in Case Study Research (typologies of farm systems, selection of representative farms and in-deep characterisation of farm types). Forty two farms were analysed using multivariate techniques (Principal Components Analysis and Cluster Analysis) to obtain farm typologies. Further data were collected from a farm that represented better the corresponding group. The results allowed to make a diagnosis at farm level and define strenghths and weaknesses of the system. This information proved to be very useful in order to improve productive, economic, financial and household results.

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