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Effect of several peach ¥ almond hybrid rootstocks on fruit quality of peaches

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Authors: A. Motisi, F. Pernice, F. Sottile, T. Caruso
Issue: 99V-1 (68-74)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: Rootstock, nectarine, Prunus persica, P. cerasifera, water relations

The effect s of rootstock vigour on scion xylem hydraulic conductivity were studied on potted trees of cv. 'Armking' nectarine grafted on GF677 (vigorous) and MrS 2/5 (low-vigour) rootstocks. Water potential gradients of non-transpiring leaves, were measured at three levels of the stem starting at 10 cm above the graft-point. Transpiration rate was estimated by weighing. On the same trees, two sets of measurements were taken, at two different transpiration-rate levels obtained imposing a different level of evaporative demand. Measurements were taken after allowing transpiration to reach steady-state (20 minutes after any environmental perturbation). Trees grafted on the low-vigour rootstock (MrS 2/5) showed the lowest water potential at any level along the stem and the lowest hydraulic conductivity along the stem, about half the values observed on GF677-grafted and self-rooted trees.

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