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The lamb meat market in Zaragoza

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Authors: D. Feliciano, D. Camarena, L.M. Albisu
Issue: 99A-3 (177-191)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: Lamb meat, packing, modern distribution, restaurants, catering, consumers

Without any doubt, the social environment, the working place and the cultural background have an important influence on eating patterns. In the last years, the Spanish population socio-demographic changes induce eating patterns towards an increasing of food consumption that delivers more convenience. The growing demand for convenience food has driven the agro-food companies to adapt their products to consumers demand. Also, lamb meat producers have changed their way of selling their products, increasing the sales of packed meat in hypermarkets and supermarkets.
We have undertaken research to evaluate the acceptance of a new packing for different marketing channels in order to rise add value to producers. The research has been conducted with surveys to consumers, restaurants, hypermarkets and supermarkets to evaluate the new packing acceptance and, therefore, to obtain recommendations for the lamb industry.

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