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In vitro germination of immature embryos at different stratification temperatures

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Authors: M.E. Daorden, .J.A. Marín, A. Arbeloa
Issue: 98V-1 (71-80)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: In vitro stratification, seeds, germination, Prunus, interspecific hybrids

Rapid obtaining of clonal plants is desirable to shorten crossing programs on fruit tree breeding. In vitro stratification and germination allowed us to shorten time and to improve germination rates by embryo rescue.
In this work two stratification temperatures (0º and 4 ºC) were compared related to development of interspecific hybrid embryos. Embryo size influence was also determined in order to optimise the process.
Data showed that germination took place in 91% of the seeds when the stratification temperature was 4 ºC. During stratification, embryo weight and embryo‑weight increment were assessed at 30 and 60 days after sowing. Stratification temperature showed a significant effect in both embryo weight and embryo‑weight increment 60 days after sowing, while embryo size showed a smaller influence. Embryo culture and stratification at 4 ºC allowed a satisfactory germination of immature seeds originated in crosses from breeding programs.

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