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Entyloma serotinum Cif. resistance in borage

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Authors: J.M. Álvarez, C.D. Lahoz, F. Villa
Issue: 96V-1 (42-48)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: Borago officinalis, Entyloma serotinum, resistance, artificial inoculation, morphological characterization

Borage (Borago officinalis L.) is a typical vegetable crop of the Ebro Valley, where recently it became the most important greenhouse crop because of the yield and quality obtained. Nevertheless, the growth of borage as a protected crop has increased its phytopathological threats, like the disease caused by the fungus Entyloma serotinum Cif.
In this work we tried to assess the E. serotinum resistance of four borage genotypes which were inoculated with E. serotinum by rubbing diseased tissue on testing plants, and at the same time, those genotypes were morphologically characterized by the following parameters: days to flowering, plant height and weight, number and length of the petiols, number of branches, and marketable yield.
Of the tested genotypes, line 'nº 1' appeared to be the most interesting one, because it showed the highest resistance level the longest petiols and the highest marketable yield.

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