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Territorial short food supply chains: conceptualization and characterization for the case of Córdoba, Spain

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Authors: L. Reina‑Usuga, T. De‑Haro y C. Parra‑López
Issue: 114-2 (183-202)
Topic: Agricultural Economics
Keywords: Food system, territory, relational capital, territorial food governance, territorial market, social networks

This paper aims at making progress in the conceptualization and characterization of Territorial Short Food Supply Chains (TSFSCs). As an illustration, this characterization is applied in the city of Córdoba (Spain), through the use of Social Network Analysis techniques. Results show that TSFSCs are a form of collective action that enhance relational capital and territorial embeddedness. The linkage among alternative economies, the participation of small producers, and the construction of trust mechanisms are emphasized. Thus, changes in territorial food governance are manifested by the prevailing participation of civil society organizations in this type of initiatives.

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