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Comparative analysis of structural characteristics of Catalonian and Spanish sheep farms

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Authors: M.J. Milán, G. Caja
Issue: 95A-1 (33-47)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: sheep, agrarian structure, farm type of holdings, land use

Aim of this work was to make an approach to the structural fact of Catalonian sheep farms using the information available in the called official sources. Results of the structural analysis are compared to Spanish sheep farms. Additionally it was also considered useful to analyze the differences, in side Catalonia, between the sheep specialized farms and the average agricultural farms as a whole.
Catalonian farms showed a flock size bigger than the average of Spanish sheep farms (441 heads vs 311 heads). Both Spanish and Catalonian sheep farms had bigger size than other agricultural exploitations in terms of total surface or as agricultural area. In addition, Catalonian farms showed a bigger wood land surface than Spanish farms, and forage crops are more common.
Catalonian owners, as well as sheep specialized farms or as agricultural farms as a whole, showed a higher professionalization (there are a lower percentage of farmers part‑time working than in the Spanish farms average). Finally Catalonian and Spanish sheep farms have a lower percentage of other gainful activities than agricultural farms as a whole.

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