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Productive structure of breeding cows farms in Galicia

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Authors: A. Moreno, M. Rico, N. Vandenberghe, V. Rueda, A.L. Ceular
Issue: 95A-1 (65-80)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: management, beef production, breeding cow

In this work the current situation of the developments of breeding cows farms is analyzed in order to design "a posteriori" an adaptable management technique to the beef production sector, based on the use of a series of criteria that permit to appreciate various economic and productive aspects.
The study has been accomplished on a representative sample of the central region of Lugo (54 farms).
Among the obtained results we have observed that only 7% of the farms maintain an advanced accounting with patrimonial balances that permit to accomplish a complete economic and financial analysis. The traditional productive system carried favors the misinformation of the cattleman in commercial aspects, being an important source of his income the perceived aids.
82% of the SAU is devoted to the cattle feeding. with a mean density of 1.28 UGM/ha.
The study of the reproductive performances of the farms is often limited by lack of data, nevertheless about 90% carry records inseminations/mounts and births. Concerning the feeding system, the forage resources are grazing and hay, 85%, of the farms complements with concentrated, at least du ring a 3.5 months after birth. The farms are of familiar type and in 20% of the cases there is no succeeding.
The information obtained directly from the visits to the farms and the analysis of the various documents or existing records permits the follow‑up of these factors, to guide the management of the farms, to detect the possible anomalies and to act immediately before them, to increase the productivity and profitability of the herds of beef production with breeding cows.

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