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Sorghum response to water stress under greenhouse conditions, II. Physiological and morphological characteristics

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Authors: M.J. Berenguer Merelo, J.M. Faci González
Issue: 95V-1 (67-92)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: sorghum, greenhouse, water stress, growth, roots, morphology, rolling index, leaf insertion angle

Due to its special characteristics, sorghum is considered a drought resistance crop tolerant to high temperatures. Thus, sorghum can maintain yields under water limited conditions in relation to other summer crops such as corn.
The main goal of the present paper was to study the response of different physiological and morphological characteristics to a variable water supply under greenhouse conditions. The relationships between them were also studied.
Sorghum plants were cultivated in containers with five irrigation treatments producing a gradient of water stress in the plants.
Plant growth and development were affected by water stress. Plant height, dry matter production, leaf area, number of nodes, length of internodes and peduncle were reduced with water deficit. The characteristic curve of the relation bet ween relative water content and leaf water potential changed with water stress. Water deficit produced important changes in the foliar exposure of sorghum plants. Rolling index and leaf insertion angle in stressed plants were modified.

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