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Pome fruit culture in Galicia productivity structure, market and production costs

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Authors: J. Ascasibar Errasti, F. Sau Sau, S. Pereira Lorenzo
Issue: 95V-2 (189-201)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: fruit production, market, apple, fruit orchards

In the past the Cornisa Cantábrica had a relevant position in the fruit culture in Spain. Actually, pome fruit production in Galicia, specially for dessert, is in regression. Lack of quality, mainly by lack of suit postharvest fitting out, produce serious marketing difficulties, aggravated by dispersal and lack of organization of growers. This is linked to a low productivity, which difficult higher vitalily in this sector. Since production in Galicia is only the 10% of the consumption, we could think that pome fruit culture could be an alternative to livestock. In this paper we try to identify possible production limitations in pome fruit production and exigencies of fruit market in Galicia.

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