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Influence of irrigation treatments and flush number on postharvest mushroom quality

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Authors: A. Simón, A. Gurría
Issue: 94V-1 (21-31)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: calcium chloride, oxine, colour, texture, cap development

The influence of irrigation with calcium chloride and oxine solutions on the post­harvest mushroom quality has been studied in the three first flushes.
Addition of calcium chloride 0.25% and Oxine 50 p.p.m. to irrigation water, improved mushroom colour and inhibited bacterial lesions. Nevertheless, oxine addition produced loss of firmness in mushroom of the first and second flush.
Third flush mushrooms had more discolouration and less firmness loss and cap development than those from the first and second flushes. Bacterial lesions increased with the flush number and the irrigation treatments were more effective in the first flush.

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