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Ampelographyc characterization of vine cultivars (Vitis vinifera L.) known as "Tintorera" in Rioja

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Authors: F. Martínez de Toda, J.C. Sancha
Issue: 92V-3 (188-196)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: vine cultivars, preservation, ampelographyc characterization, numerical taxonomy, Tintorera

Three red cultivars known as "Tintorera" in Rioja are studied. These cultivars belong to the preserved vine germplasm, since 1989, in Rioja. This preserved vine germplasm has sixty different cultivars, completely unknown and in danger of extinction because they are in the oldest vineyards and in form of very few plants.
The ampelographyc characterization (Descriptor list of O.I.V.) of these cultivars and of Tempranilla, Garnacha tinta y Graciano is made. These last three cultivars are the reference.
Two methods of numerical taxonomy are used: Clusters Analysis and Principal Component Analysis. These two methods shown a good clustering and ordenation of cultivars. The characters with bigger discriminant power in ordenating cultivars are analysed.

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