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Effect of potasium and seed treatment on Giberella moniliforme (Fusarium moniliforme) (Shell) Snyder a Hansen maize stem rottenness

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Authors: M.A. Cepeda Villegas, A. Castrejón Sanguino, B.L. Gómez Lucatero
Issue: 92V-3 (197-201)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: corn, Fusarium stalk rot, control, potasium

Maize genotypes: H‑311 male parent susceptible, and Odon 356, moderatly susceptible to Giberella moniliforme (Fusarium moniliforme). The effect of fungicide seed treatment and potasium chloride application on the maize hybrid response to the disease attack. It was found that the potasium fertilizer application per se increased the maize plant resistance to Fusarium moniliforme. It was also found that best fungicide applyed by itself was Difenoconazole (5 ml/20 ml of water for 500 g of seed), and that interaction of Triadimenol 150 (5 ml/20 ml of water for 500 g of seed) plus 100 potasium units/ha induced lower Fusarium moniliforme damage.

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