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Yield stability of nine cotton genotypes in the Comarca Lagunera, Mexico

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Authors: A. Palomo Gil, S. Godoy Ávila, J. Santamaría Cesar
Issue: 92V-3 (238-243)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: Gossypium hirsutum L., Verticillium dahliae K., adaptability

EBERHART and RUSSELL (1966) model was used to determine the lint cotton yield stability of nine cotton genotypes in three groups of environments. The first group included 13 environments, the second group five environments infested by Verticillium dahliae K., and the third one included eight Verticillium free environments. In the three groups the analysis of variance showed significant differences in the lint yield of the genotypes, but there were not significant lineal G x E interaction. In all groups Laguna 89 and NM‑3 showed a high lint yielding potential, wide aclaptability and stability so, these genotypes were the most desirable to grow in soils infested or not with Verticillium dahliae K. The lines D2782‑3 and D2784‑1 showed specific adaptability to Verticillium free environments so, their release as new varieties for Verticillium free soils, is suggested.

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