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Substrates containing sedge peat for citrus cultivation in container

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Authors: J.F. Ballester‑Olmos, J. García de la Cuadra, J.A. Pina
Issue: 92V-3 (244-256)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: citrus, peat, container, eutrophic, substrate

A study on the physico‑chemical characterization of five substrates was conducted, as well as their influence on the growth of Mexican lime (Citrus aurantifolia (Christm.) Swing.) in container.
Commercial substrates were compared, which included eutrophic black sedge peat, vs cultivation media basically prepared with Sphagnum peat.
The results show the physico‑chemical characteristics of the substrates studied and the influence on aerial and radicular development of the plants, as well as the nutrient levels on leaves. concluding that with a suitable irrigation management, eutrophic peats originating in litoral Spanish deposits can be used as components of substrates for container culture, mixed with Sphagnum peat, or with siliceous sand.

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