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Influence of irrigation water on must acidity in cv. Tempranillo (V. Vinifera L.)

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Authors: E. García‑Escudero, J. Baigorri, J.R. Lissarrague, V. Sotes
Issue: 91V-3 (175-185)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: irrigation, acidity, must, Tempranillo

This paper concerns the study of the effect of applying moderate quantities of irrigation water (seasonal totals of 1500 m3/ha and 3000 m3/ha) on must acidity, to vines of the Tempranillo variety in the Rioja Alavesa sub‑region during the years: 1985‑1987.
The following general conclusions were that the must showed a higher total acid content, a tendency for reduced pH's, increased levels of malic and lower reading tartaric acid, as well as a reduction in the potassium content.

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