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The influence of the type of irrigation in the orange fruit quality (Valencia Late cv.). The evolution of chemist parameters

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Authors: R. Madrid, R.F. Lacomba, C. Egea, M.LL. Amo
Issue: 91V-3 (197-206)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: orange, juice, nutrients, irrigation, chemist parameters

The influence of the type of irrigation (flood and drip irrigation) on the evolution and various chemical parameter levels of the orange juice (Valencia Late cv.), during the ripeness stage, such as °Brix, formol index, acids, proline, pH, ascorbic acid, macronutrients (N, P, K, Ca and Mg) and micronutrients (Mn and Zn). The evolution of the relationship °Brix/acids as ripening index is studied. They are established and interpreted the relationship formol index/total N and K/N+P+K. As of 185 days is considered the moment of the ripeness and beginning of the possible court of the fruit.

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