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Evaluation of different zoometric formulas for the estimation of live weight in Tamaulipas native goats

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Authors: Luz Yosahandy Peña‑Avelino, Jorge Alva‑Pérez, Ivonne Ceballos‑Olvera, Said Hernández‑Contreras y Gregorio Álvarez‑Fuentes
Issue: 117-5 (532-543)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: prediction equations, zoometric measurements

The live weight in the goat species is important on the productive, genetic and profitability parameters. However, goat farmers in Tamaulipas have little or no access to scales, so the development and implementation of inexpensive weight estimation techniques is desirable. The objective of the present study was to validate the estimated live weights with formulas designed in the present study and the models described in the literature from the actual live weights of Tamaulipecan goats. Age, live weight and five zoometric linear measurements of 206 adult goats were determined. The Current live weight of the goats was 30.11 kg, the height at the withers, 65.90 ± 6.33 cm; the width of the rump, 14.54 ± 1.41 cm; the height at the rump, 66.89 ± 1.34 cm; the body length, 61.19 ± 4.95 cm; and the heart girt, 74.70 ± 5.61 cm. The association between linear zoometric measurements and current live weight shows that thoracic circumference has a high positive ratio (r = 0.75) and the rest of the linear zoometric measurements have a moderate to low ratio (r = 0.55). In the models, multicollinearity was avoided and they were run by means of complete multiple regression step by step (stepwise). The regression models of the present study can be used reliably since the RECM <6 %. Furthermore, no differences were observed between estimated live weight and current live weight.


Peña‑Avelino LY, Alva‑Pérez J, Ceballos‑Olvera I, Hernández‑Contreras S, Álvarez‑Fuentes G (2021). Evaluación de diferentes fórmulas zoométricas para la estimación de peso vivo en cabras criollas de Tamaulipas. ITEA‑Información Técnica Económica Agraria 117(5): 532-543.

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