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Phenolic compounds and antioxidant activity in experimental lines of pigmented sorghum grown in Coahuila Mexico

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Authors: Antonio Flores‑Naveda, Felicito Díaz‑Vázquez, Norma Angélica Ruiz‑Torres, Mario Ernesto Vázquez‑Badillo, Guillermo Niño‑Medina, Neymar Camposeco‑Montejo, Pablo Rodríguez‑Salinas, Josué I. García‑López
Issue: 117-5 (478-493)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: Sorghum bicolor, total phenols, total flavonoids, anthocyanins, DPPH, ABTS

The objective of this study was to evaluate and compare the characteristics of color, content of total phenols, total flavonoids, condensed tannins, total anthocyanins and the antioxidant capacity of seven experimental lines of pigmented sorghum (orange and red grain color) grown in Coahuila, Mexico. Results revealed that the values of lightness, color saturation and hue angle (L*, C* and h) were found in a range of 39 to 64, 14 to 18 and 40 to 80, respectively, which indicates that the analyzed samples were found in the red‑yellow quadrant of the hue circle. On the other hand, chemical analyzes indicate a wide range of variability in the content of total phenols (84.77‑1203.96 mg GAE/100 g), total flavonoids (11.70‑1012.14 mg CE/100 g), condensed tannins (269.95‑2831.61 mg CE/100 g) and total anthocyanins (11.87‑29.06 mg C3G/100 g). Antioxidant capacities showed significant differences (p ≤ 0.05), with a range of 447.86 µmol TE/100 g to 7579.17 µmol TE/100 g, and 661.92 µmol TE/100 g to 9435.91 µmol TE/100 g for the DPPH (2,2‑diphenyl‑1‑picrylhydrazyl) and ABTS assays (2,2'‑azinobis (3‑ethylbenzothiazoline‑6‑sulfonic acid)). A high negative correlation was observed between the content of total phenols and the color parameters L*, C* and h, which suggests that the dark grains presented the highest levels of antioxidant compounds. Results of this research will be used to select experimental lines of sorghum that can be used in genetic improvement programs to increase the content of bioactive compounds and expand their applications in the industry to generate nutraceutical foods.


Flores‑Naveda A, Díaz‑Vázquez F, Ruiz‑Torres NA, Vázquez‑Badillo ME, Niño‑Medina G, Camposeco‑Montejo N, Rodríguez‑Salinas PA, García‑López JI (2021). Compuestos fenólicos y actividad antioxidante en líneas experimentales de sorgo pigmentado cultivado en Coahuila México. ITEA‑Información Técnica Económica Agraria 117(5): 478-493.

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