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Pospartum evaluation in rubia Gallega Breed

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Authors: J.J. Becerra, L.A. Quintela, C. Díaz, C. Rey, S. Gracia, P.G. Herradón
Issue: 104-4 (421-432)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: Beef Cattle, Postpartum, Ovarian activity, Uterine involution.

Pospartum evaluation in rubia Gallega Breed The bovine breed Rubia Gallega is a beef cattle kept under traditional management systems in herds of the community of Galicia, Spain. Such most of native Spanish breeds, lots of reproductive physiological peculiarities in Rubia Gallega are not known yet. For this reason we have studied the postpartum period in Rubia Gallega breed with the intention of knowing how the restart of the ovarian activity is developed and uterine involution under traditional management systems. In aim to study this aspects, twice weekly, transrectal echographies and blood samples were taken in 49 cows during the first seventy-five days after calving. In the blood samples the levels of progesterone in serum were analyzed, while ovaric structures and progress of uterine involution were determined with the echographic study. Also basic reproductive parameters were registered (interval partumfirst heat, interval partum-first service, interval partum-conception and number of artificial inseminations (AI) per gestation). After results analysis we can verify that cows of Rubia Gallega breed have a quick recovery. The uterine involution finished 29,5±1,0 days after calving, while the cyclic ovarian activity restart could be 49,5±2,2 days. This good recovery was shown with a short interval between calving and next gestation which is 110,7±10,6 days; with this interval could obtain one calf per cattle each 400 days.

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