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Issue 109-4 Dic 2013

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Plant Production
State of the art of subsurface drip irrigation: Design, management, maintenance and soil salinity control
R. Salvador y R. Aragüés

Ocurrence of homothallic isolates of Phytophthora infestans within potato crops (Solanum tuberosum L.) treated with metalaxil in the Toluca Valley, Mexico
C.A. López Orona, A.R. Martínez Campos, C.G. Peñuelas Rivas, T.T. Arteaga Reyes, C.A. Ruiz Olmos, M.A. Gómez Tenorio y D. Palmero

Animal Production
Preovulatory LH surge of Rasa Aragonesa ewes carrying or not the FecXR allele (ROA®)
B. Lahoz, J. Folch, P. Sánchez y J.L. Alabart

Influence of Duroc sire line and gender on productive performance and carcass, meat and fat quality of pigs destined to Teruel ham production
I. Garitano, C. Liébana, E. Feliz de Vargas, A. Olivares y A. Daza

Agricultural Economics
Members’ satisfaction with agricultural cooperatives. An explanation from Property Rights Theory
N. Arcas Lario, J. F. Martín Ugedo y A. Mínguez Vera

Spatial Integration of the European Olive Oil Market
J.A. Roldán Casas, R. Dios Palomares y J. Martínez Paz

Lamb meat consumer preference structure in Castilla-La Mancha
M. Díaz, A. Prieto y R. Bernabéu



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