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Canalising selection: application to litter size in sheep

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Authors: M. San Cristóbal‑Gaudy, L. Bodin, J.M. Elsen, C. Chevale
Issue: 94A-3 (206-215)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: canalising selection, heteroscedasticity, litter size, sheep

Selection for an optimum value and decreasing variability is of technical and economical interest in several animal production. An heteroscedastic model is proposed. It involves a genotypic value for the mean and a genotypic value for the log variance, associated with a single phenotypic value which can be either continuous or categorical. Several selection are mentioned and analysis of sheep data evidences the existence of a genetic effect contributing to the environmental variance of litter size. Simulations are performed to determine the response on mean and variability of a selection aimed to canalise the number of twins in sheep.

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