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Sensory profile of beef meat of Retinta breed from two livestock production system during ageing

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Authors: S. Zamuz, S. García‑Torres, M. Cabeza de Vaca, D. Tejerina, A. Ortíz, M. Oliván, M.A. Sentandreu, M. López‑Pedrouso, L. Purriños, J.M. Lorenzo y D. Franco
Issue: 117-5 (513-531)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: intensive, extensive, textural parameters, sensorial analysis, consumer analysis

The growing consumers' interest in quality differentiated products, not only in terms of sensory and nutritional quality but also in terms of parameters such as animal welfare, product origin and production system, makes necessary to research the importance of autochthonous breeds, raised in more sustainable extensive systems, where welfare levels are often high. Additionally, it is well known that ageing is one of the main factors that has influence in the final quality of beef meat. Therefore, this work aimed to study the sensorial profile of organoleptic attributes of Retinta autochthonous breed from two livestock production systems (intensive and extensive) at 7 days and 14 days of ageing. Moreover, a consumer's assessment was also carried out. Findings showed that the extensive production system improved the quality parameters (tenderness, juiciness and oiliness) of beef meat. The texture parameters were the first to change during the first days of ageing. Regarding the hedonic study, the consumers did not show a clear preference and/or acceptance for any sample, which could indicate that the production systems did not result in a differentiated quality at the organoleptic level by the consumers. It is necessary to promote higher knowledge about the organoleptic attributes which must be considered in the consumption of quality beef, so that the production system can be taken into account in the purchase decision by the consumers.


Zamuz S, García‑Torres S, Cabeza de Vaca M, Tejerina D, Ortíz A, Oliván M, Sentandreu MA, López‑Pedrouso M, Purriños L, Lorenzo JM, Franco D (2021). Perfil sensorial de la carne de vacuno de la raza Retinta procedente de dos sistemas de producción durante la maduración. ITEA‑Información Técnica Económica Agraria 117(5): 513-531.

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