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In vitro recovery of endangered and aged plum clones

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Authors: A. Arbeloa, P. Andreu, P. Lorente, E. García y J.A. Marín
Issue: 108-2 (165-171)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: In vitro culture, Prunus domestica, epicormic shoots

Recently, in vitro culture has been found to be a useful tool for the multiplication, conservation and storage of endangered plants when seed based methods do not apply. In this work, a method for the in vitro culture initiation of endangered and aged plum clones has been developed. Plum trees growing in marginal areas did not show vegetative annual growths, though woody segments of branches were forced in the greenhouse under high relative humidity. Emerged epicormic sprouts were used as explants to initiate in vitro cultures. Eleven out of 14 collected clones were successfully established in vitro. Explants developed new shoots that multiplied, rooted and acclimatized readily. In vitro culture techniques have allowed the recovery of 11 endangered plum clones that have been successfully propagated for its use and conservation under aseptic conditions to facilitate exchange.

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